Surely you’ve seen this.

LAL member artist Christine Kuhn is getting all kinds of well-deserved attention lately, and we just couldn’t resist giving her a virtual high five here on Art Beat.

Kuhn landed the cover of the Herald-Leader’s Weekender on Friday for her work with Records Reimagined, an exhibition at CD Central that breathes new imagination into vinyl album covers. She created a 3D installation to anchor the exhibition, which features 12″ x 12″ works of art by 25 fellow imagineers.

Kuhn preps her piece for Records Reimagined.

But that’s not all Kuhn has been up to. She’s also been leading the effort to paint an 80′ x 12′ mural promoting the use of native plants in landscaping. Since late May, Kuhn has been projecting, tracing, painting, and cajoling to bring the community art for everyone. The mural is located on Ballard Street, behind Stella’s Deli, and was finished last weekend.

Part of the Western Suburb Neighborhood Association’s Beautification Project, the mural was funded by an EcoArts grant and the neighborhood association. A series of “paint-outs” gave the community a chance to leave their mark on the mural, and in doing this project, Kuhn has made her mark on the community once again.

Here’s more from an article in

The mural, titled Go Native, will provide a lesson on the importance of using native plants in landscaping. The mural depicts three native plants — May Apple, Joe Pye weed, Black-eyed Susan — and one invasive species, the Canadian thistle, to demonstrate how the invasive plant overtakes and harms the environment of the native species….

Kuhn came up with the idea after attending the Philadelphia Mural Arts Training Program in March 2011. To get the project started, Kuhn used the skills and ideas she gathered at the workshop to create a rendering of the mural (photos of rendering can be seen here) and submitted a proposal for an Eco Arts grant….

“My goal as a person is to get more and more people involved with art, because art is healing,” Kuhn said. “Because art connects with the right brain, the emotional part of the brain, somehow emotions are released when you do it. We make the community healthier just by doing this simple, playful thing.”

Kudos to Christine for all the amazing works she’s been doing, and if any of you other LAL member artists have earned some props, let us know about it!

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